So, the first week of taster sessions for the Action Sports in Schools project is over.

It’s been pretty hectic, and we have learnt just as much from the kids as they have from us. We’ve managed to engage pretty much everyone we’ve come across, including some of the teachers who got stuck in and grabbed their boards for a session too.


From being unable to stand on the Indo board at the start of the session, you can actually see the confidence growing as their partner ‘spots’ them and they help each other to find their core balance. Within minutes they are up and away and controlling the board.

By the end of the session, they have taken the balance found on the indo boards and are pushing across the hall on skateboards. Something which 30 minutes earlier they would not have been comfortable jumping onto, especially with all their mates around.

The patnering of kids with them helping each other seems to be really working in showing one of the most basic aspects of Action Sports. That is the spirit of community and not competition, within the sport.
Roll on next week…

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