Great Feedback for the Action Sports In Schools program in Hertfordshire

Pupils at Hammond School in Hertfordshire have been taking part in skateboarding lessons as part of a project funded by the Extended Schools Consortium. Feedback from the students highlights the successes of the program.    

·        Over 85% of pupils enjoyed participating in skateboarding and all those who took part felt that their skills significantly improved.   

·        In addition to learning how to skate and having fun on the boards, health and safety is an important part of the course. Over ¾  of the kids were aware that skateboarding is not only fun, but also good for their health.  

·        All pupils indicated that they felt good about themselves when participating in the skateboarding sessions, with 73% strongly agreeing to this and the remaining 27% agreeing. This positive feeling can also increase the confidence amongst participants. 

·        Nearly 90% of those who attended the course stated that they would continue skateboarding after the course had ended which is ultimately the long-term goal of this program.  

Clare McCawley who was instrumental in introducing the Action Sports In Schools program into schools within the Dacorum Partnership in Hertfordshire commented ‘I am really pleased with the outcome and hope that these pupils will continue to skate. I know for a fact that some of the pupils will be joining the St Albans Skate Park in the near future.’   

With these awesome results, we are hoping to get many more pupils onto boards and being active for a healthier life.


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