The Bucket List Junkie

Ian The Bucket List Junkie Finch contacted Charlie (our latest addition to the  ASIS Coaching Team) about learning to skateboard for one of the challenges on his Bucket List.

Here’s a little about how the first Session progressed at XC Skatepark in Hemel Hempstead.

After Introductions and a warm up cuppa we wrapped Ian in pads and got on with the basics of foot stance, board control, pushing, stopping & turning. Ian mastered these very quickly, he has some snowboarding experience which really sped things up next we moved on to riding the ramps as well as kick turning  dropping in on the smaller ramps and rolling in to the flatbank. The day ended with us all having a roll around the Huge bowl which is an amazing achievement for a beginner due to the fact it’s a BEAST standing at 9ft in the deep end.

Ian achived all this in just a few hours with 100% commitment and only a few extra bruises (Medals) earned in the process.

Will & Charlie were really impressed with the effort Ian put in throughout the day.

Everyone Involved left smiling.

Day 2 coming Soon.

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