About Us

ACTION SPORTS IN SCHOOLS is a grassroots program which aims to increase and sustain participation rates in sport and physical activity amongst the young (mainly 10-18 year olds), through introducing more youth relevent sports as an alternative to the traditional sports available. The ASIS programme provides equipment to schools which includes safety gear and sports equipment, with professional coaching in a controlled environment. Click the link below to view our flyers.



  • Action sports such as skateboarding are aspirational and appeal to young people.
  • Skateboarding provides an alternative option to the traditional sports offered at schools.
  • Being a sport for the individual,image5.jpg with less of a focus on rules and competition, pupils are encouraged to progress at their own pace which is often appealing to those who are uninterested or put off by team sports.
  • It is an inexpensive sport which only requires a skateboard, so with the basic skills learnt in the ASIS programme, pupils can continue to practise the sport outside of school hours.


  • The dynamics of Action Sports allow for flexibility within that lesson plan to the extent of being tailored to each class.
  • The basic skills and technique learnt on Indo Boards and skateboards are applied to other sports as well. Balance is improved as well as the strengthening of most major muscle groups, in particular core strength and leg muscles, as well as increasing fitness levels.
  • Skateboarding has a relatively quick initial learning curve as the basics can be taught quickly. This keeps initial interest high.
  • The ethos that surrounds action sports is very positive and helps to build pupils’ confidence and self-image4.jpgassurance.
  • Pupils do not require PE kit, only trainers. This particularly encourages some of the more ‘hard to reach’ pupils to participate in the ASIS lessons.
  • According to ROSPA [Play Safety : Information Sheets : No.27] approximately a third of those injured in skateboarding have less than one week’s experience of the sport. With coaching through safety as well as basic techniques and skills the ASIS project works on avoiding injury.

There’s always new stuff to learn

  • Action sports offer continual progression combined with creative diversity which sustains interest on an individual level.
  • Certain exercises require pupils to work in pairs. This requires trust and support within the partnership as well as teaching them to act responsibly.

Where can I put my new skills into practice?

  • More skate parks are being built in the UK improving accessibility to action sports and encouraging improvement in skill levels during and after the ASIS programme.
  • Local to our London project 29 of the 33 London Boroughs offer skate park provisions as well as surrounding counties also catering for action sport needs.
  • Increasing the number of young people involved in OSH and competitive sport
  • Increase number of pupils attending PE lessons at school.
  • Increasing the range of sports on offer to young people
    • Offer popular physical activities previously unavailable within school curriculum
  • Increase the number of young people guided into local sports clubs
    • Stem the decline in sports participation amongst post 16 year olds.
  • Click the link below to view our promotional flyers